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2019 QCSA State Titles Day 1

QCSA State Titles update - Friday, 3 May 2019

It has finally arrived! Three months of hard training was put into action with 8 of our 12 West Zones teams taking to the fields last night for the first day of the 2019 QCSA State Titles.

Yesterday, on QCSA State Titles Day 1, West Zone played 4 games against QCSA South East Zone: U10s, U11s, U18s and Senior Women. We also played against ourselves in two age groups: U12s and U16s.

If last night was a guide, the 2019 QCSA State Titles will present some fierce competition for us.

Team coaches and managers

Our team coaches and managers have put in an amazing amount of time and effort into coaching our teams. Please thank them this weekend as you cheer our players on to win the QCSA State Titles.

The team coaches and managers names are listed at the end of this newsletter.

QCSA State Titles West Zone Age Group Winners

Each team that wins the QCSA State Title for their age group will be awarded the perpetual trophy (yet to be officially named) for outstanding performance.

If you would like to nominate a name for this trophy, please email me at chair@qcsawestzone.org.au.

QCSA West Zone spirit & sportsmanship

Last night, I witnessed true sportsmanship in two QCSA West Zone teams. With our two U16s teams going head-to-head, our stronger team (Pythons) won 12-0. A big thrashing? There was no mention of it, with both teams having only positive things to say about the other. The Pythons focused on playing in a sportsman-like manner (with respect and encouragement), while the Boas focused on giving it their best and encouraging the Pythons to keep going hard.

Both teams were happy with their efforts. As one coach put it, "the real winner was West Zone". Cheesy cliché? No. With both teams getting together at the end for a photo, after having fielded 28 players in the age group for competitive football, the Under 16s captured what is (or should be recognised as) the QCSA West Zone spirit.

Wishing both the teams the best for today's matches.

Stephen Arulogun, Chairman

Team updates - Friday, 3 May 2019

Under 10s: West Zone vs South East Zone

Our U10s played amazingly well for their first ever QCSA State Titles match. Our U10s didn't give up even when South East Zone had got ahead scoring 2 goals. With plenty of chances to equalise, our U10s mounted a valiant comeback, and might have won the game if it weren't for an inspired opposition goalkeeper.

Final score was 2-1 to South East Zone. Best of luck against SC South today at 11.30 am.

Under 11s: West Zone vs South East Zone

Our U11s ran onto the field with their coach and manager yelling "whatever the score, we're proud of all of you!" With South East Zone winning the age group competition in 2018, this was bound to be a hard game. The opponents were very strong and gave us few opportunities to play offensively. An early goal to South East Zone was backed up by another soon after half time. Our U11s got into the rhythm of the game soon into second half with a few on-target kicks at goal. A lively defence held together with a near 6-foot centre back thwarted our efforts, but we're hoping to master a few strategies by the time we (hopefully) play them in the semi-finals!

Final score was 2-0 to South East Zone. Best of luck against North Zone today at 12.15 pm.

Under 12s: West Zone Jaguars vs West Zone Leopards

Our two U12s teams played each other to start the 2019 QCSA State Titles. Fresh off a training game less than a week ago, each team gave their best off the mark.

West Zone Jaguars worked together as a team, which showed in their passing and working the ball forward. The Jaguars's defence held their ground and the midfield demonstrated strong communication across the park, which allowed their strikers to get into position.

West Zone Leopards are regrouping and will provide an update sometime soon.

Final score was 7-0 to Jaguars. Be sure to look out for:

  • Jaguars against South East Zone today at 8.00 am; and
  • Leopards against North Zone today at 8.00 am.

Under 16s: West Zone Boas vs West Zone Pythons

It was with great excitement Boas and Pythons entered this game.

For the Pythons, the pre-game team talk was about ball movement and ball speed and also winning ball back as soon as possible. Pythons were straight up to speed with their play - with the ball on ground and focused footwork. This resulted in some great attacking moves. By half time, the score was 7-0 to Pythons. Len Manwaring, Pythons coach talked about respecting the opposition and "simply playing football".

For the Boas, it had been a slow start, full of nerves. Both goalkeepers, Zachary Wright (1st half) and Kai Steele (2nd half) made many noteworthy saves. All team members worked together and gelled under pressure as the game went on.

Final score was 12-0 to West Zone Pythons. Best of luck against South East Zone (Boas) and SC Coast South (Pythons) today at 9.00 am.

qcsa west zone u16s teams together as one

Under 18s: West Zone vs South East Zone

West Zone started quite slow and little sloppy in the first half (stay with us, it does get better). Our passing game wasn't as crisp as it could be. While South East Zone held their positions well and maintained possession, we defended well with a half time score of 0-0.

Our U18s were given a good 'gee up' by coach, Richard Katt, and went into the second half loaded with positivity. We started second half with a number of pressing runs that resulted in shots on goals (saved by the opponent's goalkeeper). South East Zone played their way back into the game and were awarded a free kick just outside the 18-yard box. A ripping curler of free kick curved passed our wall of players and beat the diving attempt of our goalkeeper.

A second goal against West Zone resulted from an attack up through the midfield with their striker slotting into the net, despite our goalkeeper running out to close the angle.

A hard fought game to the end, our U18s were beaten by a strong team. We get to regroup tomorrow and do it again with the State Title still a real possibility.

Final score was 2-0 to South East Zone. Best of luck against Sunshine Coast today at 9 am.

Senior Women: West Zone vs South East Zone

Our Senior Women team was very strong tonight, leaving South East Zone no room to score. Paris Shuttlewood scored a great goal in the bottom right of net. Georgia Harper made an epic run from her defence position towards the opponent's goal followed up with a goal setup. Our Natasha Torrisi had a heavy collision with an opponent, and needed helping up to her feet.

Final score was 3-0 to West Zone. Best of luck against SC South today at 12.45 pm.

Knight's Bricklaying: QCSA West Zone U10s Sponsor

Thank you to Knight's Bricklaying for sponsoring our U10s team in the 2019 season.

Knight's Bricklaying will be with the U10s team through the QCSA State Titles. Feel free to say hello and show your appreciation to them.

knights bricklayer sponsor the qcsa west zone u10s team

CFFA National Titles nominations

We have had an awesome number of QCSA West Zone players nominate to represent QCSA at the 2019 CFFA National Titles to be held at the end of September this year. Across each age group, we have: six U14s, 14 U16 boys, ten U16 girls, eight U18 boys, 10 Senior Women, and 10 players nominating for U23s and Senior Men. Good luck  to these players as the QCSA National team selectors watch them play during today's games. We hope to have our fair share of players make it through to the QCSA National teams.

West Zone bags & jackets available

We have 15 West Zone sport bags and several sport jackets still available for purchase. Please consider buying one as all money goes to help West Zone meet its 2019 budget.

For more infomation, call Allan Cadman on 0427 056 419.

QCSA 50th Anniversary Merchandise

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, QCSA have a range of merchandise available for purchase, including polo shirts, boot bags, scarfs.

These items will only be available this weekend. Visit https://qcsawestzone.org.au/apparel/ for more information.

QCSA West Zone 2019 coaches and managers

Under 10s

Shaun McDonagh (coach)

Sarah Krause (manager)

Under 11s

Stephen Arulogun (coach)

Lauran Webb (manager)

U12 Jaguars

Aaron Baty (coach)

Stuart Northcote (manager)

U12 Leopards

Moise Evina (coach)

Linda Butt (manager)

Under 13s

Josh Mansfield (coach)

Alex Richards (A/coach)

Kevin Canavan (manager)

Under 14s

John Mansfield (coach)

Keven Dinsdale (manager)

U16s Boas

Len Manwaring (coach)

Kelly Egberts (manager)

U16s Pythons

Tyler Henderson (coach)

David Wright (A/Coach)

Felicity Lupton (manager)

U16 Girls

Steven Winter (coach)

Pamela Winter (manager)

Under 18s

Richard Katt (coach)

Gavin Tupper (manager)

Senior Men

Tony Damrow (coach)

Mark Park (manager)

Senior Women

Paul Janson (coach)

Shane Pontaks (A/Coach)

Sandra Pontaks (manager)


  1. stephen winter on 5 May 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Under 16 Girls Westzone v Sth East Zone
    With an early kick off start to the game catching the U16 Girls unaware, they found themselves falling behind to an early strike from the SE zone attacking forward. As the girls started to settle their nerves and composure, they were to go 2-0 down midway through the first half. The remainder of the first half saw the SE Girls just edge out on top.
    As the second half gets underway the WZ girls get off to a much better start and we start to see some good teamwork down the left wing resulting in a quick assist from Jorja where the ball was laid off to Hannah on the edge of the 18yd line and a solid low strike finds the back of the net.
    As the game goes from end to end but with only half chances being created by either side, SE Zone force a corner down their right side, the ball swings in high to the near post and the Keeper jumps high and collects but is unable to hold onto the ball and as it drops to the ground it falls perfectly for the Souths player to tap in. Overall a well contested game by both teams but a deserved win for the SE girls. Final Score 3-1

  2. stephen winter on 5 May 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Under 16 Girls Westzone v Sunshine Coast.
    Only moments into this game and we realise that the SunnyCoast are to be a real threat up front, a very quick attacking team and within a few minutes take an early lead. As the game starts to even out during the first half the goal bound Mariam is tripped just outside the area, Flynn takes the direct freekick over the wall and the keeper who looks to have got her hands to it lets the ball slip past into the bottom corner . With the half drawing to a close a good solo run from the advancing forward with neat footwork lets loose with a strike that the diving keeper Brooke is unable to keep from going into the net.
    A much improved and confident westzone from their opening game whilst looking for an equalizer during the second half find themselves conceding a third goal. Final score 3-1

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