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2019 QCSA State Titles Day 2

QCSA State Titles update - Saturday, 4 May 2019

A full day of competition yesterday at the QCSA State Titles was made more exciting with heavy (near-torrential) rain. Anyone who wasn't playing or refereeing took cover under any shelter that could be found, while games continued with players and referees oblivious to the rain.

With more than half the competition complete, the fate of West Zone teams are far from being sealed. Tomorrow sees more intense matches, more team photographs, and age group presentation of awards and the announcement of CFFA National Titles Queensland team selections.

QCSA State Titles - QCSA West Zone awards

Each coach will be nominating one player for each of the following awards:

  • Technical excellence
  • Outstanding teamwork
  • Sportsmanship

The technical excellence award is given to the player for demonstrating strong technical skill during games through either scoring a high number of goals, saving a high number of goals being scored by the opposing team, or setting up a high number of goal scoring opportunities

The teamwork award is given to the player that demonstrates cooperation within the team to achieve the best outcome for the team during the QCSA State Titles.

The sportsmanship award is given to the player who demonstrates the character of fair play, honesty, and ethical behaviour during QCSA State Title matches.

QCSA West Zone age group winner trophy

This year, West Zone has introduced an age group winner perpetual trophy for any West Zone team winning the QCSA State Title for their age group.

This award will be remembered over the coming years, so let's cheer on each team tomorrow as they try to win their remaining games.

Stephen Arulogun, Chairman

Team updates - Saturday, 4 May 2019

Under 10s team update

The U10s played a really strong Sunshine Coast South team yesterday morning and can again be proud of their performance. After a slow start to their second game, the team grew in confidence during the game. However, they were undone by a couple of breakaway goals by SC South.

The second half produced another awesome fight back. Despite some excellent teamwork and great play, they were unable to find the back of the net.

The U10s have shown an amazing determination to never give up, to keep fighting hard, and to improve together as a team.Their two matches on Monday will provide a great opportunity to build on all that they have learnt so far.

Final score was 2-0 to Sunshine Coast South. Best of luck against North Zone today at 9.00 am.

Under 11s teams update

Our U11s performed strongly against North Zone. The team continued to perfect its 3-1-4-2 formation with Thomas Armstrong and Cooper Webb taking turns to play a strong centre defensive midfield positions. First goal of the this year's QCSA State Titles was scored by Zachariah Arulogun (STR) taking the half time score to 1-0 in favour of West Zone.

Half time talk was around keeping the wingers wide to play around the opponents who were getting drawn into the centre. Also, coach Stephen Arulogun reinforced that the formation gave the team strength straight down the centre line.

Psyched up for a stronger second half, West Zone drove the ball straight up the centre and out to Craig Cadman (LW) for a second goal. Not one for being left behind, Thomas Armstrong (CDM) took a run from half way to up the 18 yard box and kicked a clean goal straight past the unsuspecting defence and goalkeeper. With only five minutes left, Jack Conroy (STR) took to the field with fresh energy, took the ball straight up the centre and volleyed it above the goalkeeper’s reach for a half-match hat trick.

Final score was 4-0 to West Zone. Best of luck against Sunshine Coast South tomorrow at 9.45 am.

qcsa west zone u11s silly poses team photo

Under 12s team update:

West Zone Leopards team update

Our U12 Leopards demonstrated fantastic team spirit over the three games yesterday, despite not securing a win in any of their games. Goalkeeper Jakob Honeyman receives a special mention for outstanding play, winning the admiration of both West Zone and opponents alike.

The U12 Leopards lost a couple of players to injury and sickness so they had to call on of their goalkeepers to play in the outfield. The team was pushed to their maximum but have shown that even in difficult times, they can still be positive. Team coach Moise Evina said the players gave everything they could and didn't give up even when the score was against them and the match didn't go the way the way they had hoped.

Final scores for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 5-0 loss against North Zone
  • 7-0 loss against Sunshine Coast South
  • 5-1 loss against Sunshine Coast North

Best of luck against South East Zone tomorrow at 8.00 am.

West Zone Jaguars team update

Our U12 Jaguars have been working together to achieve great results! Well done on the amazing teamwork.

Final scores for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 2-1 win against South East Zone
  • 3-3 draw against Sunshine Coast North
  • 3-2 win against North Zone

Best of luck against Sunshine Coast South tomorrow at 10.30 am.

Under 13s team update

Our U13s played four games today, with two wins and two losses. Despite being the underdogs, the team battled hard.  A great final game against the tough South East Blue team gave West Zone the chance to dig deep.  With only 13 players, the U13s rotated through our lineup well.

Player of the day was awarded to captain Adam Canavan and the "golden boot" awarded to Mitchell Reyne.  The team played in the pouring rain and the highlight of today was watching everyone getting bogged as they left at 5 pm.  The team says thanks to all the parents for cheering them on.

Final scores for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 4-0 loss against Sunshine Coast North
  • 2-1 loss against South East Zone Red
  • 4-1 win against Sunshine Coast South Girls
  • 2-0 win against South East Zone Blue

Best of luck against Sunshine Coast North W tomorrow at 8.00 am.

qcsa west zone u13 players

Under 14s team update

Our U14s started the day bright and early against Sunshine Coast South. It was a solid start against a strong team. They had plenty of shots at goal didn't score. The opponent's attack were well defended with a strong defence and the game finished with each team scoring a goal.

The second game of the day was against Sunshine Coast North - and it was super physically demanding! As the game progressed, our U14s suffered several injuries, and the players started to "drop like flies". Despite a full bench of injured players, the team scored a goal and dug deep to hold off a physically strong Sunshine Coast North to the end.

The coach and manager say that they are so proud of the way the team played against the two stronger teams on their first match day.

Find scores for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 1-1 draw against Sunshine Coast South
  • 1-0 win against Sunshine Coast North

Best of luck against South East Zone Blue tomorrow at 11.15 am.

qcsa west zone u14s attack during qcsa state titles

Under 16s team update:

West Zone Pythons

The U16 Pythons arrived at 8am looking sleepy after the previous night's game. However, by Game 1, they were warmed up and up for the day's competition.

Against Sunshine Coast South, their great attacking play was rewarded when Isaac Saidi scored from a simple tap in at the far post. With Harry Kelleher at his best, he mesmerized spectators as he left four players behind on the left side before a cross to the far post to get some major air, finishing with a header for a half time score of 2-0 to West Zone.

Second half saw the players take up their second position, which lead to several great charges on goal, but Sunshine Coast South stuck to their defence duties denying West Zone any further goals with a full time score of 2-0.

Sunshine Coast North was always going to be a challenge, with West Zone only having a 45-minute rest between games. Great attacking by Jai Chapman saw him score a goal. The opponent's managed to equalise the score by half time. Half time talk focused on the players to increase ball speed during passes. With greater intensity, West Zone played strong to score again with a great near-post goal in the bottom corner to Harrison.

The U16 Pythons made the most of a six-hour break with some players resting at home (whilst those who stayed nearly got washed away from the heavy downpour).

Going into their third game of the day, West Zone were up against South East Zone Red who had scored 26 goals in their first two games. This was a between the two undefeated teams.

West Zone played on the counter attack and Issac Saidi came within an inch of scoring when the ball rebounded off the crossbar straight down but failed to cross the line. Goalkeeper Tyler Whitten pulled off a series of incredible saves to keep the half time score at 0-0. Straight into the second half, Max Jaremenko took his chance with a 1v1 against South East Zone Red's goalkeeper to score the first goal of the match. Unable the extend the lead, West Zone were caught out with five minutes to fulltime, when the opponents ceased an opportunity to score off an attempted goalkeeper save, with Tyler just missing out on making the second attempt stick.

Final scores for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 2-0 win against Sunshine Coast South
  • 2-1 win against Sunshine Coast North
  • 1-1 draw against South East Zone Red

Best of luck against South East Blue tomorrow at 9.00 am.

West Zone Boas

Backing up Friday night's game with an early start, the U16 Boas started their game against South East Zone Red well. The team played according to the game plan and the back line stayed strong, backing up their ability. West Zone caught the opponent's strikers out and succeeded in reducing the number of long balls by the opponents. After one of the defence players suffered an injury, fatigue set in and the game quickly got away from West Zone.

Important take aways for the West Zone Boas were: to back themselves as players, let the ball do the work and trust their team mates when playing at this level of competition.

Tomorrow will be a big day for the Boas as they play three games. Each player will be focused with a positive attitude.

Final score for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 18-0 loss against South East Zone Red.

Best of luck against Sunshine Coast South tomorrow at 9.00 am.


Under 16 Girls team update:

Final score for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 3-1 loss against South East Zone
  • 3-1 loss against Sunshine Coast

Best of luck in the rematch against Sunshine Coast tomorrow at 11.00 am.

west zone u16 girls play sunshine coast to

Under 18s team update:

Our U18s played Sunshine Coast in the first game yesterday. The team started well, with plenty of effort and intensity. It was a hard fought game in the first half with goal scoring opportunities for each side. A cracking short from Jay Neuendorf hit the crossbar and bounced down and out. It was a no goal - the referee not convinced it had crossed the line. The half time score was 0-0.

Second half started evenly until Sunshine Coast opened the scoring with a dot shot. Despite getting a strong hand to the short, our goalkeeper was unable to save the goal. West Zone regrouped quickly and pushed for an equaliser. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, with Sunshine Coast scoring again for a full time score of 2-0.

Playing South East Zone a second time in the three-team draw, West Zone were focused on turning the tables. Here was their chance to get redemption. West Zone played strong up the midfield with a through ball to Jay, who finished off with a clean shot past the opponent's goalkeeper. A mistimed leap by West Zone's goalkeeper when defending a high ball saw South East Zone pull ahead to 2-1 by half time.

Feeling the pressure going into second half, the U18s left themselves exposed with a few too many passes which saw them lose possession more than hoped. The opponents pressed foward with high levels of intensity and were able to score three more times for a full time score of 5-1.

Tomorrow, the U18s get to take to the field one last time to do the West Zone proud. They focus will be on playing for each other and enjoying their last game.

Final scores for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 2-0 loss to Sunshine Coast
  • 5-1 loss to South East Zone

Best of luck against Sunshine Coast tomorrow at 12.45 pm.

Senior Men team update:

Final score for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 2-2 draw against South East Zone
  • 1-0 loss against Sunshine Coast

Best of luck in the rematch against South East Zone tomorrow at 12.20 pm.

qcsa west zone senior mens play sunshine coast

Senior Women team update

Our Senior Women team played Sunshine Coast South first, with the players facing near-torrential rain and low visibility to make what would be a hard game even harder.

With West Zone being behind at half time 1-0, the players showed epic determination in the second half of the match. Mikaela Maitland weaved in and out on the byline to then put the ball into a dangerous position for Natasha Torrisi to score the equaliser of match.

The second match was against Friday night’s opponents South East Zone. Carissa Horsey stepped up with a delicate chip over the opponent’s goalkeeper to score the first goal to see West Zone lead 1-0 at half time. The team  displayed eager determination with players
wanting to take to the field for their team despite carrying injuries.

A beautiful interplay between Georgia Harper and Carissa led to a cross to Natasha who scored again. Later in the game, Samantha Dor advanced up the right wing, taking a through ball pass past the opponent's back line score a goal.

Final scores for Saturday, 4 May 2019:

  • 1-1 draw against Sunshine Coast South
  • 4-0 win against South East Zone.

Best of luck against Sunshine Coast South tomorrow at 11.30 am.

Lucrete Concreting: QCSA West Zone U12 Jaguars Sponsor

Thank you to Lucrete Concreting for sponsoring our U12 Jaguars team in the 2019 season.

Lucrete Concreting will be with the U12 Jaguars through the QCSA State Titles. Feel free to say hello and show your appreciation to them.

Lucrete Concreting thumbnail

West Zone merchandise for purchase

We still have a few West Zone sport bags and sport jackets still available for purchase. These will be handy for U10s to U13s as the temperature gets a bit cool at the Scenic Rim Country Cup in September. Bags are $40. Sports jackets are $45. All sales go to meeting West Zone's 2019 budget.

For more information, call Louette Cadman on 0439 411 131.

South East Zone Facebook Group

QCSA West Zone members are invited to join the QCSA South-East Zone Facebook Group, for those people interested in getting to know more about their zone or who have friends at clubs in their zone.

Thank you Di McColm Lense, President of South East Zone for the invitation.

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