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FFA National Curriculum

The FFA National Curriculum forms the foundation of the QCSA West Zone coaching framework. Coaches can assess a copy of the FFA National Curriculum here.

Director of Coaching, QCSA

The DoC (Director of Coaching, QCSA) oversees all soccer-related coaching activities and the development of the QCSA, its teams’ coaches and players. The duties and responsibilities of the DoC include:

  • Develop, operate and oversee programs for all levels of play and is responsible for all aspects of soccer coaching operations within the association.
  • Promote the code of conduct for coaches, players, and parents
  • Promote the use of FFA Coaching Manuals to all coaches within the QCSA
  • Recruit and assign State Team coaches in consultation with the Standing Committee of Management (SCM)
  • Oversee the activities of coaches and ensure that they adhere to QCSA by-laws, policies and procedures
  • Provide, recommend and/or implement coaching education programs for any coach designated for such programs
  • Train and monitor coaches and help them plan and implement training sessions
  • Coordinate association-wide training for coaches
  • Provide guidance to coaches on match management and how to interact with parents and club officials
  • Organise/conduct age specific coaching and/or skills clinics
  • Player development

2019 QCSA Coaching Theme

There is No "I" in Team – Soccer (Football) is a Team Sport

Soccer is a team sport, which helps players and spectators to connect to it. Coaches play a vital role in ensuring each player feels they are part of the team by supporting, guiding and mentoring them.

In soccer, players need to rely on each of their teammates and not only on their skill. Fans go to the stadiums not just to see the Lionel Messi’s or Cristiano Ronaldo’s, they go to watch their team play. Individual players make differences, but it is the team that wins — not just the player. There is no "I" in team, but there is an "E" for Everyone. A team achieves more when everyone contributes.

The greatest feeling in the world is when you’re on that soccer field, and you know your team is going to succeed because you look around and see 10 of your best friends playing beside you.

In 2019 as coaches, let us all make a determined effort to ensure there is no "I" in the teams we coach but an "E" for everyone.

QCSA Community Coaching Accreditation

QCSA West Zone strongly encourages its team coaches to develop and maintain a high level of competency for coaching and player development. Potential coaches should meet the minimum community coaching accreditation standards (or equivalent FFA advanced accreditation):

  • U6 to U8 – Discovery Phase or Aldi Miniroos Community Coaching Certificate
  • U9 to U13 – Skill Training Community Certificate
  • U14 – U17 – Game Training Community Certificate
  • U18+ – Performance Phase Community Certificate

For more information on gaining community coaching accreditation, please email us today: email contact form.

QCSA community coaching accreditation