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FFA National Curriculum

The FFA National Curriculum forms the foundation of the QCSA West Zone coaching framework. Coaches can assess a copy of the FFA National Curriculum here.

Director of Coaching, QCSA

The DoC (Director of Coaching, QCSA) oversees all soccer-related coaching activities and the development of the QCSA, its teams’ coaches and players. The duties and responsibilities of the DoC include:

  • Develop, operate and oversee programs for all levels of play and is responsible for all aspects of soccer coaching operations within the association.
  • Promote the code of conduct for coaches, players, and parents
  • Promote the use of FFA Coaching Manuals to all coaches within the QCSA
  • Recruit and assign State Team coaches in consultation with the Standing Committee of Management (SCM)
  • Oversee the activities of coaches and ensure that they adhere to QCSA by-laws, policies and procedures
  • Provide, recommend and/or implement coaching education programs for any coach designated for such programs
  • Train and monitor coaches and help them plan and implement training sessions
  • Coordinate association-wide training for coaches
  • Provide guidance to coaches on match management and how to interact with parents and club officials
  • Organise/conduct age specific coaching and/or skills clinics
  • Player development

Goalkeeper Skills Acquisition Program

The key part of a team is the goalkeeper: the first attacking player, the last defender in a team. From 2019-20, each squad will have two dedicated goalkeepers who will undertake goalkeeping-specific training in addition to regular team training. 

The Goalkeeper Skills Acquisition Program (GK SAP) is designed to train West Zone goalkeepers in U10 to U12 competition squads in modern goalkeeping techniques. GK SAP players will be required to attend all scheduled training.

Skills Development Program 


An important part of strong representative teams is quality pipeline of future top-level players. To help build a future pipeline of strong players for West Zone, a new program focused on the development of zone level players is being introduced.

The Skills Development Program (SDP) is open to the U9 to U11 age group and is aimed at players looking to develop as future footballer. SDP players will undertake a dedicated training program that involves a series of training blocks during the school term throughout the 2019-20 season. SDP players are not eligible for selection to West Zone competition teams, but will use their skills during their QCSA club matches. SDP players will be required to attend all scheduled training.

QCSA Community Coaching Accreditation

QCSA West Zone strongly encourages its team coaches to develop and maintain a high level of competency for coaching and player development. Potential coaches should meet the minimum community coaching accreditation standards (or equivalent FFA advanced accreditation):

  • U9 to U13 – Skill Training Community Certificate
  • U14 – U17 – Game Training Community Certificate
  • U18+ – Performance Phase Community Certificate

For more information on gaining community coaching accreditation, please email us today: email contact form.

QCSA community coaching accreditation