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QCSA West Zone Committee

Chair: Stephen Arulogun

Club: St Catherines

Phone: 0402 255 524

Email: chair@qcsawestzone.org.au

Treasurer: Leigh Wall

Club: Silkstone Baptist Soccer Club

Phone: 0428 877 300

Email: treasurer@qcsawestzone.org.au

Secretary: Brett Cheetham

Club: Westminster Warriors Soccer Club

Phone: 0407 904 509

Email: secretary@qcsawestzone.org.au

Registrar: Paul Holdway

Club: Fassifern Cobras Soccer Club

Phone: 0407 021 480

Email: registrar@qcsawestzone.org.au

Management Committee Members


Lauran Webb

Club: Whitehill

Phone: 0488 649 882

Uniform coordinator

Louette Cadman

Club: St Catherines' United FC

Phone: 0439 411 131

Managers' coordinator

Robyn Osborne

Club: Backstone

Phone: 0402 407 245

Founders' subcomittee

Greg Adams

(Life member)

Liaison officer

Sue Peacock

Club: Westminster


Mark Beutel

Club: Blackstone


Mara King

Club: St Catherines' United FC

Social media contact

Brett Cheetham

Club: Westminster


More on the executive committee members

The chair is currently filled by Stephen Arulogun. Stephen is the secretary of St Catherine's United Football Club.

His role is to support the committee in its preparation for the Queensland State Titles hosted by QCSA in May each year.
See more information on St Catherine's United Football Club.

The treasurer's role is currently filled by Leigh Wall. Leigh is the chairman of Silkstone Baptist Soccer Club.
He has been involved with QCSA West Zone for many years and brings a wealth of experience to the committee.

See more information on Silkstone Baptist Soccer Club.

The secretary's role is currently filled by Brett Cheetham. Brett sits on the committee of Westminster Warriors Soccer Club and has been involved with the QCSA for many years.

See more information on Westminster Warriors Soccer Club.


The registrar's role is currently filled by Paul Holdway. Paul is also the president and registrar of Fassifern Cobras Soccer Club and had been integral to the club attracting more players and opportunities for children in the Fassifern area over the last several years.

See more information on Fassifern Cobras Soccer Club.

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