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Player Portal - Coaches & Managers Guide

Coaches and managers manage their team's training, prepare for training sessions and answer team questions through the Player Portal.


Your Overview

This is where you can view all the Competitions (Projects) and conversations for teams that you manage.

Each Competition is set up as a project. This allows the team coach and manager to add updates or task lists as the team prepares for the competition. This usually takes the form of a 'Conversation' set up about a topic. Any material that you and your players see is only accessible by your team. Players, coaches and team managers from other teams cannot view this.

Conversations do not need to be attached to a particular project. For example, you might set up to discuss general training or discuss whether any general administration tasks. All conversations (both competition-specific and general) are recorded under the "Recent Conversations" tab.



Competitions and conversations

As a coach or team manager, you are able to respond to questions and add information to competitions and conversations for the team you are coaching or managing.

The information is only viewable about members of your team. Within the team, conversations can be seen by all players.

To start a new conversation, click on 'Compeitions' > 'Start conversation'.

After you have entered a topic and message body, click on 'Next Step' in the bottom right corner. You will have the option of selecting a recipient. Use the following categories when choosing a recipient:

  • Managed Group: for general conversations not about a specific competition
  • Project: for conversations relating to a specific competition
  • User: for sending a message to a particular player in your team (e.g. lost item or answer to a query). A 'User Conversation' can be viewed only by the coach/team manager, the player.

Below are three screenshots showing what each user category looks like as you create a new conversation.