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2019 QCSA State Titles Results - U16B Results

QCSA State Titles U16B Ladder

Sth East Red54103012918
West Pythons54102231918
SC North53022041712
SC South51137526
Sth East Blue5113920-116
West Boas5005357-540

QCSA State Titles U16B match results

3/05/201918:30Field 5SE Zone Red8SE Zone Blue0
3/05/201919:30Field 4West Zone Boas0West Zone Pythons12
4/05/20199:00Field 5SC South0West Zone Pythons2
4/05/20199:00Field 4West Zone Boas0SE Zone Red18
4/05/201911:15Field 4SC North1West Zone Pythons2
4/05/201911:15Field 2SC South1SE Zone Blue1
4/05/201914:45Field 1Sunshine Coast North1SC South0
4/05/201917:15Field 5SE Zone Blue0SC North4
4/05/201917:45Field 4SE Zone Red1West Zone Pythons1
6/05/20199:00Field 5SE Zone Blue1West Zone Pythons5
6/05/20199:00Field 4SC South6West Zone Boas1
6/05/20199:00Field 2SC North0SE Zone Red1
6/05/201912:45Field 4West Zone Boas0SC North14
6/05/201914:20Field 2SE Zone Red2West Zone Pythons0
6/05/201915:45Field 3SE Zone Blue7West Zone Boas2

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